Kit barca in sticla

rder your boat in a bottle kit today! It’s the perfect gift for your curious child. Share the secrets of constructing this famed and puzzling creation. This set teaches hand-eye coordination and problem solving, and will keep them entertained for hours!

A favourite with sailors for centuries, and a proud display piece for anyones desk, the ship in a bottle is a fun puzzle that still perplexes people to this day.

This fun model kit contains everything a child needs to build the famous boat-in-a-bottle illusion made famous by ship captains and hobbyists.

The kit is perfect for the inquisitive child who asks the question “how do they do that?”

Using simple step by step directions, children will learn the secrets to this historic model building technique, and after finishing they will have a wonderful piece to show off to there friends and family.

Kit Includes: Boat pieces, bottle, magnetic locking display and model building tools. Packaged in a beautifully hand made box that can be later used to store your own treasures.

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