Palarie Panama Coloniala

The Colonial (or Optimo) is the original rollable Panama hat. With it's distinct center crease, the Colonial is perfect for travelling as it will withstand being frequently rolled. This classic shaped panama is reminiscent of world leaders and filmstars from the 1920s, which is a testimony to its enduring style.

Renowned for its lightweight and flexible fibres, this hat is handwoven by our skilled fair trade producers from Carludovica Palmata, grown near the coast of Ecuador. The fine llano weave is a tightly woven herringbone weave and is more durable than our brisa weave and it is a fantastic, quality rollable panama hat that is typically sold for hundreds of pounds more.

Model unisex

Palariile rulabile vin impreuna cu un tub in care se pliaza conform instructiunilor


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