Capsule espresso "Hot Lava Java"

Taylors of Harrogate

Ingrediente: cafea arabica in amestec cu robusta

Grad de prajire: 11 - intens

Gramaj: 50 gr

Ambalaj: 10 capsule compatibile Nespresso

Dupa deschidere, se pastreaza in loc uscat si racoros

Origine: America Latina si Africa, amestec cu gust dIndonezia, India si Brazilia, amestec cu savoare intensa

"Hot Lava Java" este intensa ca un Ferrari. Amestecul cafelei arabice din Java si cafelei robuste, de cea mai buna calitate, din Africa, o face ideala pentru dimineti ce urmeaza noptilor lungi. Cafea prajita lent si macinata in cantitati mici dupa o metoda traditionala.

Certificate: UZT, Fairtrade

Furnizor: Taylors of Harrogate - Anglia

Everything we do at Taylors is devoted to thrilling your taste buds.

We individually roast each blend to its perfect point on a scale of 6 to 12, from medium and smooth to extra dark and powerful.

You've Just Opened The Door to a World of Extraordinary Flavour
How do we pack so much flavour into a single capsule?
There's no big secret - it's about extremely good ingredients and a deep fascination with flavour that started 130 years ago.

We don't just buy coffee. We work to improve livelihoods, protect landscapes and support thriving communities - facing the future together with our coffee farmers.

Categorie: Cafea

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