Hooty Phone Cleaner


Owls have become very popular in pop culture in the last few years, appearing on fashion items, art, jewellery, mugs and many other popular products. The Hooty collection includes a variety of cute and cuddly owls that have proven to be very popular, with owls representing wisdom and knowledge, as well as protectors of the night.

‘An owl?’ You may wonder… Our Hooty phone screen cleaner strays from traditional owl colours, so is very fun for those who like a bit of extra colour, and is a very fun little phone accessory for anyone who likes to keep their phone screen smudge free.

He is the perfect size for pockets, purses and handbags, and can also be attached to a phone case so that he is there with the phone whenever he is needed. Hooty makes for an excellent gift accessory, or as just a fun little extra purchase for phone lovers. 

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