Palarie Panama rulabila

The Pachacuti Classic Fedora in the fine brisa weave has been our most popular selling hat for over 20 years and can be rolled for travel. This perennial favourite is the true "Panama" and will bring both elegance and comfort to your summer wardrobe.

Renowned for its lightweight and flexible fibres, this hat is handwoven by our skilled fair trade producers from Carludovica Palmata, grown near the coast of Ecuador. The fine brisa weave is a lightweight, diamond weave, slightly less durable than our llano weave but is a fantastic, quality rollable Panama hat for the price.

The popular fedora shape with its pinched sides and a lengthwise crease down the crown suits most who wear it. Fedora brims are on average 7cm in width and are generally shaped by the wearer to be slightly downward in the front and with slight curl upwards in the back.

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